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Before becoming Nimnim white egg noodles,

we had to go through hundreds of experiments to achieve a perfectly balanced dish, bringing happiness to everyone, regardless of their health condition.

The 'Nimnim' team started with the three of us from left to right:

  • Phinx, the PR and Marketing Specialist, made the white egg noodles widely known.

  • Great, the Food Scientist and Nutritionist, who conceived and carefully crafted the idea of the white egg noodles while pursuing a Ph.D. in nutrition.

  • Tue, the Food Scientist, who turned research into reality.

We named our company 'Healthy Every Day' because we want our customers who enjoy our food to have good health every day.

Since September 2020 until today, we've never stopped improving the quality of our products and making our services more convenient. This year, we introduced new products: 'Pasta without Flour' and 'White Egg Vermicelli' as alternatives for customers who want to take care of their health by consuming nutritious food without worrying about flour and fat

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