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Flourless spaghetti

Flourless spaghetti 

New innovation for spaghetti lovers eating ketogenic diet plan. Textures just like original noodles.

No flour and no fat added


Made from fresh egg. Natural 100%,


No preservatives, no colour and no seasonings added


Only 2.74g carbohydrate/100g (include fibre)

Ready to eat. Can be boiled or stir fired for softer texture. 


Perfectly match your spaghetti, ramen and soba dishes. 


Manufactured by GMP, ISO 22000 practice. Can be kept for 1 year in room temperatures. 


Suitable for children (>1 year old), elderly and patients. 


Weight loss and Keto friendly


Once open, keep in a refrigerator and consume within 2 days. 


Avoid keeping in a freezer. 

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